Computer generated images and included social illusions

Author: Hrvoje Hribar

Details: CULPOL Commentary 4, IRMO, Zagreb, July 2018.

Language: Croatian (abstract in English)

Attachment: AO4_Hrvoje Hribar_Računalno generirane slike i uključene društvene iluzije_


Digital Shift, Digital Market, Digital Revolution – diversity of (nick)names reflects different perspectives and different speakers. Just look who is talking and you’ll know why. Regarding the Revolution, EC obviously preferred to focus on its Market perspective and the Idea of some positive dynamics that might come of it. The hope is better then a fear. Yet, we can hardly ignore some doubts. Would less mobile players be able to shift as desired? Was there any revolution ever, to take its course without casualties and scaffolds? Is there any market without its losers? So how do we feel about it, after all? Fearful or brave, do we get in contact with our ability or rather, with our Fragility?

What is the future of a small, underdeveloped, east European Nation in the perspective of DSM? It can be regarded in more then one perspective, I’d say. One may drive conclusions from the elements like: evident Lack of preparation, Low competition potential, Linguistic anonymity, Deplorable cultural finances… It may be impossible to change those elements, but still, you can try to reconsider them, taking a look from an opposite angle: “If our local infrastructure is so weak, do we have anything to loose, after all?” Or rather, we haven’t at all! Not much to fear about, I’d conclude.