CULPOL Commentary

CULPOL Commentary section brings concise policy-oriented analysis and case studies addressing current issues in cultural policy research and practice. It will bring in-views not only from well established scholars and practicioners, but also perspectives from young cultural policy scholars and cultural workers.

The commentary on typologies of cultural policies

Author: Nada Švob-Đokić
CULPOL COMMENTARY 1, IRMO, Zagreb, April 2017.
Language: Croatian (abstract in English)

Contradictions of the Internet and the problem of articulating the public interest

Author: Paško Bilić
CULPOL COMMENTARY 2, IRMO, Zagreb, September 2017.
Language: Croatian (abstract in English)

Cultural diplomacy from the bottom-up

Author: Matea Senkić
CULPOL COMMENTARY 3, IRMO, Zagreb, November 2017.
Language: English (abstract in Croatian)

Computer generated images and included social illusions

Author: Hrvoje Hribar
CULPOL COMMENTARY 4, IRMO, Zagreb, July 2018.
Language: Croatian (abstract in English)