The commentary on typologies of cultural policies

Author: Nada Švob-Đokić

Details: CULPOL Commentary 1, IRMO, Zagreb, April 2017.

Language: Croatian (abstract in English)

Attachment: AO1 NŠĐ_ O tipologiji kulturnih politika_final


The commentary on typologies of cultural policies discusses two cases of cultural typology (Hesmondhalgh et al., 2015, and Dragićević Šešić and Stojković, 2013) that illustrate conditional typologies of the state cultural policies. Such typologies remain flexible and hard to systematize mainly due to multiple differences among societies, states and their administrations, but also due to general different understandings of culture. The mentioned typologies also show that the term cultural policy remains multi-significant, which reflects the need to develop specialized cultural policies that may suit particular organizations or particular cultural actions and projects. However, the state cultural policies contextualize specialized cultural policies due to the fact that in most countries the state remains a most powerful investor of public means in culture. In this respect it is essential to achieve a harmonized relationship among the most powerful investors of public funds and individual ingenuity of cultural creators.