CULPOL Commentary no. 3 by Matea Senkić on Cultural diplomacy from the bottom-up published

The text Cultural diplomacy from the bottom-up written by Matea Senkić, Associate at IRMO’s Department for Culture and Communication is the third CULPOL Commentary published within the framework of activities of the Jean Monnet project CULPOL. Taking into account the European Union’s (EU) policy framework, as well as EU activities concerning the role of culture in its international relations, this commentary focuses on new approaches to cultural diplomacy: the proliferation of non-state actors; as well as the shift from self-promotion to the promotion of dialogue, the building of trust, the pursuit of conflict resolution and the establishment of bonds between individuals of diverse cultural backgrounds. These new approaches are also highlighted through the analysis of selected projects that serve as good examples of new directions in cultural diplomacy.

The commentary is available to download from the following CULPOL link:

CULPOL COMMENTARY 3 –  Cultural diplomacy from the bottom-up by Matea Senkić, IRMO, Zagreb, November 2017. Language: English with Croatian summary